Did you participate in the Day of Silence??

35% (19 votes)
44% (24 votes)
That was today?...
22% (12 votes)
Total votes: 55


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I was the only one. THE ONLY ONE in my ENTIRE SCHOOL to actually participate in this thing. Including the GSA members, because apparently, nobody wanted to do it this year. Even the hardcore ones. I felt so alone... ::sniffs for effect.:: Made me depressed. Oh well. I did it, so. Go me.

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we did it yesterday

we did it yesterday

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I was home sick today so even

I was home sick today so even if I did partisipate, there was no one around to hear me not talk.

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I didn't even know what it was or that a day of silence even existed...

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me neither, wtf is it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
actaulyl i don't care that much....
so, i like pillows


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Hells yes I did.

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We didn't

In Mexico we dont know if yesterday was or not the day of silence. We have another things to think, like who will be our next president. So, in news they didnt say "Today is the day of silence".
En México no sabemos si ayer fue o no el día del silencio. Tenemos otras cosas en qué pensar, como quién será nuestro próximo presidente. Así que en las noticias no dijeron: "Hoy es el día del silencio".

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Holy Fuck, that was today???

Holy Fuck, that was today???

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it was yesterday (april 26)

it was yesterday (april 26)

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I participated, but no one noticed because I'm so quiet anyways. It was really frusterating. Oh well. I thought it was really cool though to see a lot of people standing up for GBLTQ.

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Yes I kinda did, and Kinda didn't Scince im still in highschool, in Illinios the day of silence was on one of those mandatory testing dates... so in illinios it was bumbed up a week....

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