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blah blah blah blah blah blah.
i feel like screaming, really badly.
just like in all those comics i have been reading.
because you know, someone is trying to destroy someone else.
aghhhh i hate it when you realize...that you are kind of in love with your best friend.
but at least its not the heartwrenching kind of thing.
its the kind of thing where its sad, but i just want her to be, godammit, HAPPY.
and she is, so im happy.
back to writing essays.


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I know the feeling

Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to have strong feelings for my best friend. I remember when I told her I was possibly bi, and she said she sometimes wondered about her sexuality. She raised my hopes. But then she said "nevermind" that she's totally obsessed with guys. She said it'd be fun to see what it'd be like to be lesbian for a day, but that's it. So, my hopes were ripped and torn. So now she's always saying how some guy on tv is totally hot, and I say, "okay, whatever", and she badgers me until I agree with her that the guy is the hottest thing ever. I don't even know if she remembers that I'm possibly bi >.<

Sorry, went rambling on about myself. But, I hope things somehow get better for you.

~Saying sorry we're falling apart
wish we knew this from the start
Saying goodbye's the hardest part
Wish we knew this from the start~

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We've all been there. Im kind

We've all been there. Im kinda in love with one of my best friends and the annoying thing is that shes out as bi and frequently gets with other girls but i just know that theres no chance between us. im 99% certain that she knows how i feel but she always seems rly wary around me and will always get off with other girls in front of me but wouldnt even get with me for a dare or anything. it seems like i actually repulse her. lifes a bitch.