Econ and Homophobia

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So my friend walked out of Econ, the land of Skoglund, today because he made a comment about my friend chelsea and she didn't feel it was appropriate, this is the same guy that said homosexuals aren't equal to "us"--which means heterosexuals I guess. It also appears that in the same class period he called one of his students a fag, my friend who walked out missed that part because she was late, but another person I know was there and didn't report it.

If this persists I'm going to have to talk to someone about it, I can't go off of heresy and whatnot, but I can't just sit in a class and listen to a teacher do shit like that, it's not right.

Don't we have laws that protect students from descrimination and harrassment based on sexual orientation or percieved orientation?

I hate that he's going to be able to continue making these snide comments for years to come.


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is it a teacher or a friend?

I'm just wondering if the person who is making these comments is a teacher or your friend...cuz if it's a friend, chances are nothing will call each other fags all the time...if it's a teacher doing this, however, the rules apply to them more and they can get fired or get a pay cut or just get yelled at by the administrators if it continues....teachers have to follow school policies like this...there are rules and laws prohibiting discrimination based on orientation, race, gender etc.

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There's no way to outlaw hate

There's no way to outlaw hate, is there? After all, you can't stop what a person thinks. And there's no law saying "gay people can't swim in the same pools as straights," like there used to be against african americans. So, homophobes would say that we just want attention and we don't have anything to complain about, because they've never experienced sexual discrimination themselves.

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If it's a teacher the ACLU ca

If it's a teacher the ACLU can help! Call now! (the urgency is so fake)