Fall Break

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Yus! Term 1 officially ended!

I'm going back to Taiwan (yes, I know agen...) to see my family and all that.

My dad's going to make me cut my hair... Meh... I dun want to... but then soon my school will MAKE me cut it or they'lll cut it for me lol. I want to wait until I get told off at school then I'll cut it. Hmm.

I should dye or highlight my hair this holidayz. Any suggestions on colours? Daniel says he's dying streaks of blue lol. He said I should too. I'm not sure if blue streaks look gud on me xD.


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how long is ur fall break?

how long is ur fall break?

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two weeks. Argh, I still have

two weeks. Argh, I still haven't packed my bags and flight is 2moro.. I'm pretty Screwed xD

I also have to tidy my room before I go back.. I can't leave my room in the state its in for two weeks. :x

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Cool. I'm going to Chicago for a few days

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