Falling apart?

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So on Friday night my girlfriend was at a sleepover where she told her friend, NOT me, that she felt like we were falling apart and there was nothing she could do to fix it. Her friend later told me and I was sure the friend was just making it up to make me think something was wrong. After a looong time of trying to contact my girlfriend we finally got things straightened out--she does feel that way. I was blown away. I felt like we were in a great place! I felt like our relationship was better than it had been in a looong time!! I know we'll get through it, though. She keeps telling me she misses me (she's out of town) and loves me so so much. I just feel so terrible. How could she have not mentioned that she was feeling like that?? On top of that I have this apprehensive feeling in my gut. I feel like she's going to break things off...it's probably just because I haven't heard her voice in a while so I don't know how sincere she is w/ her "i miss you"s and her "i love you"s. I'm just scared. She means the world to me...

Does anyone have any advice on what we can do together to feel connected again I guess?