Gay/Lesbian Novel Available Online

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I’ve posted my first gay/lesbian novel online in its entirety. It’s available to everyone for free. It’s available in two formats: as web pages, or a MS-Reader .lit file. If you like it, tell all your friends.

The link is

Regards, Athen

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It better be good (although f

It better be good (although from the looks of it, it will be) as I just had to copy and paste it all into Microsoft Word and it's 126 pages, even in size 8 font! I am printing it off as we speak (or type!)

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What's it about?

What's it about?

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Just thought you'd like to know...

I've noticed some grammatical errors, etc. but not too many. The only outstanding thing is that the first time you meet John and his wife, her name is Jane. The next time (and throughout the rest of the book), her name is Joan. I'd love to proofread it for you, I'm great at grammar. Anyways, I really like it. It's really well written. I'm not finished yet though.

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i don't like it. i'm sorry, b

i don't like it. i'm sorry, but it feels very superficial & is not especially well written. if you want any tips, private message me.

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