god i want to jump my friend's bones!!!

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i have the most amazing friend, who will be known as mike. he is a very good friend of mine, a guy i've known for about 3 years. he is tall, cute with a rockin' bod. he's athletic, but still culturally involved, and he plays in the school band with me. we have this joke going where we fondle and touch each other, but it doesn't really mean anything. he's so cute, when he's talking to me i sometimes tune out and all i do is stare at him. he might have a bit of an idea of my feelings, but it doesn't matter, he has a girlfriend, who, btw, is also a friend of mine. i start to think of all these things about him, then i see him making out with her. he's so nice!!! i... i just... i don't know, i JUST. what i like about him (non-physically) is that he is one of the "jocks", the jocks are him friends, but then he'll walk away from them and be this funny, sweet guy. *sigh*


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That is really cute.. The title of your entry made me crack up laughing lol.

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my best friend is exactly like that, minus the touching me part.... there are a few gay guys like that, go find one!

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Omg, I have a TON of stright boy crushes, so I know exactly how you feel! I can't even name all the straight boys I've had crushes on. Some are just faces at school that I can't connect names to, some I'm not sure which way they swing, and some are my closest friends. My ex and I always discuss our straight boy crushes, him in a forlorn, sad way and me in a "perhaps I can recruit them" way. Then again, I'm the whore from that relationship...
Anywho, yeah. Straight boy crushes. So much fun!