GODAMMIT, i've managed to do it again....

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i *so* seriously need a girlfriend. when it's not one, it's the other. i should either make my mind celibate or find a girlfriend. also, i must have a thing with the name leslie.

anywho...here's the skinny:

play. there's a girl in it. her name's leslie. she's gorgeous. light brown hair. amber eyes. adorable laugh. just perfect. have no idea if she's straight or gay. but i'm wishing, desperately hoping against hope she's gay, if not bi. if she isn't, i'm doomed to another several months, if not the rest of the year pining over her. i'm afraid to ask her, because i kinda have to be in her vicinity a couple days a week until june 2. i don't want to ask anyone else. i am sooo totally stuck and so hopelessly in love. i actually had a dream about her monday night. i dreamt that she wrote me a letter telling me she loved me. i woke up and almost cried. dammit.


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Awwwww! I hope she is gay for your sake! Good luck with asking her!!!


"The French are glad to die for love, they delight in fighting duels. But I like a man who lives, and gives expensive jewels"