grrr i've got my man rags

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as the title suggests, i'm irritated and tired. from school. everyones horrible, i don't like teachers and i hate the work. it's my first day back and i have homework for three of my classes, and it's not work i can breeze through in 10 minutes! i know i sound whiny and selfish, as there are children who would kill to go to school, but i want to go back on holidays.

how is everyone? you good? that's good. i want a hug. from a boy. or girl. don't matter. actually i do have news - i'm going to the yr 12 formal! for you americans, the prom. how cool is that, and i'm in yr 11! i got invited by a girl who i barely know, but she's really nice - we met through mutual friends.

if i had to go with a girl, it would have to be with the girl i've got a "mini crush". she's really sweet and she very cute, and i really like her. she's one of the few girls i can imagine myself with, and that's saying something!!! i guess that makes me bi, but i don't really groove with that. it's like there is an emotional attraction but i'm not physically attracted. i don't look at women and go "i want that!" i look at guys like that. i'm probably really afraid to have a relationship with another man, because i worry that the gay guys i know are what the rest are like.


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*snif* awww formal. and then comes the question... what are you going to wear? Hope you have fun.

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The monotony of life.

Ha, you don't sound whiny. Just someone who knows there's something better out there but isn't able to do it at the moment.

But you get to go to the prom, which is a change of pace right? I bet you'll look really hot.

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thank you! i hope i look hot. i want every person in that room on the night to go "Phwoar!!!" i guess i'll just wear a regular tux/suit whatev she wants - it's her night!

You scared him off with your big boobies and weird bisexual vibe!