haha... French's mustard....

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myspace... finally got an account there, i have like three friends, and it's frickin hilarious...
kinsao!! yaaay! and ceshy!! and frenchie's got the dumbest name.... it's funny.... but i don't care....
I'M ACTUALLY HAPPY FOR ONCE. Stupid Sheila's a part of the stupid past, and i don't wanna deal with it....
HAPPY!!! and i listened to ceshy's ensemble! and i like! and I WATCHED SILVER ASH VIDEOS!!
Schmexy Chinese boys that look like girls AND play kickass music.... Yessss....

i have the strangest dreams..... hehe.. *NO, nothing bad.*
just funny and ridiculous, especially when i can swear they're real...


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Lol i'm addicted to that site! OOOO Dreams I LOVE dreams! We're doing dream analysis in my psychology class! It's great fun!!

"The French are glad to die for love, they delight in fighting duels. But I like a man who lives, and gives expensive jewels"

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So did you keep "Tom" as your friend? I did, there's no such thing as too many friends...^_^


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I don't plan on deleting him,

I don't plan on deleting him, but once my other friends ok me on their friend list, i'm gonna move him outta my top 8. hahaha...
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