Happy Birthday to me

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So today is my birthday, I'm eighteen so yay for me, but I've spent the entire day by myself except for Jeff my neighbor friend running in and out and the cats. Really feel pathetic right now.

My best friend who I've known since I was six said she was going to come by and hang out today--it's after six now, hasn't even called. I finally tried calling her and ended up leaving a voice mail wishing her a happy my birthday and hoping she was having a good time doing whatever she was doing.

So everyone has called me today or e-mailed me and acknowledged my birthday--even friends that I'm not as close with remembered, accept her and it makes me feel kind of neglected. IF I had known that she would blow me off I would have had my mom stay and hang out with me or something, or planned to take the bus somewhere so I wouldn't have spent my entire day home by myself. It feels like a total waste.

My little sister also isn't home yet and she totally owes me for all the shit she pulled on her birthday while I was chaperoning her birthday. She totally owes me a present seeing as I have given her awesome gifts in the past including a stereo system and I let her borrow some of my stuff for the party she went to last night.

My older sister has ordered me dinner to be delivered...even though she is over 200 miles away, but I won't question the wonders of the plastic money cards that bring me sustanace. My aunt had my cousins sing happy birthday to me via cell phone which was really sweet and my other older sister called really early to wish me happy birthday.

I watched my two year old niece for a couple of hours last night and we had some real bonding time, which I consider her gift to me. First I fed her some yogurt and then we played with her dolls and stuffed animals and talked about how they were all very good friends and how nice that all was, I also assured her that yes, daddy was going to come back, and then I read her Angelina and the Buttrfly twice and she snuggled and paid attention to all of it, and then we put together one of her little puzzles for about half an hour until she knew the names of all of the animals and could do it proficiently. She usually isn't that fond of me but it was all really nice. And she wanted to give me a kiss before she left which made my brother really happy because I'm his closest sister and he really wants Irhnah to bond with me. It was very fantastic and I love her very much.


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Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad y

Happy Birthday!!!
I'm glad you got to spend time with your niece. Hopefully everything works out. Sounds like you have a really caring family.

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Wow. You're so old. And maybe even mature (I hope not)

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happybirthday...sounds like y

happybirthday...sounds like you had fun besides the best friend thing

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Happy birthday!

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry about your friend, but i think you should look at it a different way. Look at all the people who did take the time to wish you a happy birthday, they obviously care about you a lot!

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