How much postage?

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So I had to send some information to my future college, financial aid stuff, tax verification, all that nonsense. My mother has a tendency to make us fill out all important information that she should be filling out on our own...which means that I could have screwed the whole thing up and lost my place at the school.

She also gave me a pack of 23 cent stamps...ten stamps worth 23 cents each... and instructions to go on the postal service site to figure out how much my postage would cost...but I don't have a scale that weighs in ounces of manila envelope or duct tape, yes I had to use duct tape on the envelope because I couldn't find any other kind at home.

So I just sent off this thing to my college in a battered envelope held shut with camo duct tape and covered in 23 cent stamps.... If they didn't think I was insane before they must now. I feel totally ridiculous, I'm tempted to say fuck it and go to community college because I can't seem to get shit together...and yesterday when I was just trying to find the stamps again and they were stuck to my spanish dictionary, that was a beautiful moment!

Oh and I'm listening to music in French...I speak spanish and german...why?

I'm glad it's spring break while I'm having these moments of incompetence....


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Couldn't you have gone to a post office and get it properly weighed, rather than send it out Unabomber-style?

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Well...that would have involv

Well...that would have involved figuring out how to get to the post office and then having to fight off the hippies of Arcata when i got

As I have recently found out those types of things are opened by students on work study and apparently the camo duct tape will be the highlight of their work experience. I also had no cash for normal stamps...better to just use up the damn 23 cent ones and pretend it never happened.

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