I am back and am depressed and down and worried and confused as ever.

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Okay, I lied. I am back again. :D

Okay there is this boy in my first block class and when I saw him I was like DAMN!!!!!! I always thought he was cute but for the past week he has been the only thing on my mind, I can't concentrate on my schoolwork, or anything for that matter.

I dunno what I am going to do, is it really love? We have NEVER spoken, he is younger than me, and I was going to go talk to him today to make friends but couldn't b/c I didn't get the chance. I want him so bad. It isn't lust b/c I don't want sex with him yet, well I mean if he wanted to then yeah but, other than that I don't. I just wanna be with him. To be held in his arms, to have his lips pressed against mine. To look into his eyes and tell that he really loves me. But the problem is I dunno how to go about talking to him....I mean should I write a letter, should I talk to him face-to-face, etc. I dunno I am nervous as hell. I didn't eat lunch today b/c I was so obsessed with him. I talked with my straight friend about me liking him and she said, "There ain't nutting wrong with that, you can't help who ya like." So I dunno......HELP ME GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You're infatuated.

You're infatuated.

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Wow big word....

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You are probably in lust and denial about it. Heh. Hard to be in love with someone you barely know.

Unless you're openly gay at school and know he is, writing a letter seems a bit optimistic, not to mention if you are closeted a letter is a paper trail that he can show to others (because, really, we really know little about him, as everything about him beyond his existing physically is all fictional in your mind at this point).

I will say that going after anyone with that much intensity dosn't bode well for a positive outcome. More likely to seem stalkerish/freak him out.

As per usual, the idea is to get to know him as a person, not as a potential date, not as anything but a guy. Once you do that, you get to roll out sexuality, and then can take it from there. You jump from stranger to wanting to date them because you love them so much?... well, you'll be quickly bounced back to stranger status in no time.

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I talked to two other people about it, one of them says I need to grow balls and talk to him. The other wanted to help me get to know him. The were both females, and understood completely what I was going through. They both know who he is.

And about him showing it to everyone, he seriously isn't the type, god forbid I say this but, he is sorta of the quiet, dork, not mean to people type.

I really don't think it is lust, I mean...seriously...I am gonna try to go about it w/out being like a stalker-seeming person. My friend said I should write a letter since I am too scared to talk to him face to face, but then again they way you said I should get to know him might work, If it wasn't for the fact that I am scared to fucking death about it.....I feel like a loser b/c I am too chicken to go up and talk to a scrawny, dorkish ninth grader......blah I am such a joke...ima go cry now

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