i feel light as AIR!!!! ^_^ (this entry is a little long, but please, share my happiness :)

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omigod, i think i might be in LOVE!!!! ok, ok, ok, *takes shaky, pathetic attempt at a deep breath* ok, so in 7th period at school today, we had this poet come in and do a poetry slam type thing, and after he did a few he told us to write our own and some people would perform theirs. so i wrote down my latest one "5-foot Beauty" (see my journal if u want to read it, maybe this will make more sense to u ;-) and volunteered to go. as the first few people were going, i started thinking to myself, "Omigod, what if the girl i wrote this for realizes that its about her???? o.O". so then, finally, it was my turn. i went up there and read it as best i could, and when i sat down, i saw her glancing at me like she does a lot, except i could practically read her thoughts, and i knew....she knew. then finally, FINALLY, the bell rang, and as i gathered up my stuff to go, she started walking towards me. and then, to my amazement, she said, "that was a really cool poem." i said thanks and then she left the classroom. our lockers are in the same hallway, and during passing period, she looked at me, not glanced, LOOKED. she seemed like she wanted to say something. we had next period together and i had left my gym clothes in my locker. as i was sitting on the bench in the girls' locker room getting dressed, i had a fantasy of her coming in and apologizing and telling me she loved me. crazy, i know, but then, who should walk in but HER!!!! i was amazed o.O. i didnt say anything, until she said, "Missy (this other girl i know) thinks that poem u wrote is about her and shes bragging about it and stuff." i sad,"thats crazy." "she was all, 'lets start another rumor!' i was like, 'thats just dumb'" she said. then as i was walking out, i told her i was glad she liked the poem. we shared odd "eye locks" the rest of the day. it was cool... i cant believe im saying this, but i cant wait for school tomorrow!!!! i think im in love...


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That's very exciting! It's always nice to have lifts to your day like that.

Congatulations on using the courage to read your poem out loud.

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that's really cool...

What if she is a lesbain and she liked the poem...hmm, was she eye-flirting with you all day after that? It seems like she knows the poem was about her...hmm, maybe she's just joking with you... You have guts to read a poem like that in front of the class though...
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hey again,
nice to hear you are happy again chic :)
and i am proud of you for reading that poem in front of everybody. that took guts!
well done

Keep smiling
love Al

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there's something ive been meaning to ask u, is Al short for something? or is it just Al? anyway, thanks. i like the nickname, too. "chic". thats me!

"Don't let sad people make you sad, let happy people make you happy."

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God you're lucky. That never

God you're lucky. That never ever happens to me. I mean, the boys at my schoo totally would give me a hard time if they ever found out about me liking them. Never mind me really getting into my sexuality with them around. They just don't seem to understands that I'm not doing anything other than what they are, really. NEway. Good luck!