i know one gay person

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yep, i only know one gay person, his name i can't say because he's real private about it, his choice i know and i respect that, so i'll just call him.. "jamie" (not his real name). anyway, this guy was the first to know i'm gay, obviously, i was because he was the first guy i ever hit on, which backfired in my face when it turned out he has a fucking awesome saint as a long term boyfriend! ah don't be so spiteful adam. point is, he was my first real cush, and he wants us to be friends, coz he came out sot of two years ago and has been throuh some touh experiences and he wants to kind of potect me and take me under his wing, nice of him, i accepted the friendship of course, he's a great guy with a brilliant mind. ah! but i just can't get over him! is there like some way to get over someone? plus he called me last night while i was at home with my unknowing parents and we talked to an hour and a half on the phone, plus he literally cut out an article from the paper just for me and read it to me on the phone! is that not slightly too much effort for just a friend? i'm just having trouble seeing the line where the border betwen friends and more might lie , got any advice? btw i would never get involved with a non-available guy, i'm not the adultary kind, plus his boyfriend really does sound like the next person to be canonised. stupid jamie why does he have to be so good for!? and he's really hot too, and he's a design student, perfect mix of intellegence and creativity, and i talk to him about all heavy arty issues which i've never been able to b4. lol stop the ranting adam, i would appreciate advice, constructive preferably!


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Ah, the line. I have a few pr

Ah, the line. I have a few problems with that and my crush too. I'm pretty sure that most people have trouble with it though, so just tough it out and try to accept what he says. Then again, I may not be the best person to give advice on the subject.

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