I like a guy on my soccer team - please help me

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I like a guy on my select soccer team but I am too embarassed to tell him. He is a forward and I am a center. Please help me if u can.

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It would help if you gave us a little more information.

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All I know for real
Is knowing doesn't mean so much
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The heat inside
When bodies meet
When fingers touch
-The Sisters Of Mercy, Some Kind Of Stranger

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i'm not sure what u want to know...like what do u need to know?


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Does he like guys?

Does he like guys?

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hi i am not sure he does. he never talks about it. how would i find out?


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i would need more info to hel

i would need more info to help you like if he likes guys, and what are his thoughts a.b homosexuals

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i need to find a way to get his thoughts... i will let u know..

but thanks for ur help


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Well: Are you 'out' to anyon

Are you 'out' to anyone at all?
How bad would it be if he didn't like you/didn't like homosexuals? In terms of reaction/friendship/whatever.
Is anyone on the team or at your school out?
Would he tell others about it do you think?
and to get him to talk about gays maybe say 'That's so gay' and see his reaction, even though thats a bad idea sort of; or just try to get a topic to gays, maybe gay soccer players? Good luck and post back!

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet. I guess my sig could use some work.

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good advice thanks for the help...hard to know what to do makes me feel weird about myself.. u sound very wise..i use yahoo do u?


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Are you out to anyone yet? If I were in your shoes, I would definitely not tell him, just for the sake of being outed when I was not sure or not ready...Are you positive you're gay? are you sure you want to risk being outed by him to the whole school? Is he straight? I would ask yourself these questions and then decide on what to do...If I were you though, I wouldn't tell him. later.

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i am not out

i am not out to anyone. i will take your advice and not tell him. as far as being gay it feels that way . how did u realize u were gay?

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If you talk with him as a friend which I assume
You do, ask him about some movies that have a strong
gay theem such as Broke back mtn. Sound him out of the
subject of gays and gay life style such as saying
that one of your friends came out to you. See how
he reacts. If favorable then that is a strong
indication that he is excepting If negitive then
dont tell him about you. Just stay friends. Remember
there is not a str8 guy out there that a couple
of beers and a porno movie won't get him in bed.
But don't try that at home ( thats a joke )!
I suggest you try the movie part.
Oldfox bob