i lost myself

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to those of us who are yet to come out. whatever you do, don't lose your identity, don't let the cover up lies and the deception take control of you and don't let yourself get too jaded, you can do more harm to yourself by hiding then by comming out. take care of yourselves


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Good advice. "If God had w

Good advice.

"If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise." ~Johann von Goethe

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Thanks for that; I see what y

Thanks for that; I see what you mean, over time I've just lied about so much stuff and half the friendly people at school to me likely think a bunch of positive things about me that are untrue but that I've inclined them to think are true. I'm 100% sure I've lied to everyone I would call a friend by now; very few people have asked me if I'm gay or not and I've lied about that of course, but just about everything else I slip in little subtle falsehoods to boost the way they sound I guess. Oh wells.

-J, boy, gay and 15 all the way. I guess my sig could use some work.

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thx for the advice man...

good advice...btw, sorry i was such an ass the 1st night you posted...i was pretty wasted...Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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ahh, i'm accepted

don't worry about it, i was really mean to some guy who posted a mean comment to this poor guy, then he went and posted a nice comment to me, felt like shit. guess there's a bitch in all of us :D