I need a favor from all of you who use myspace

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I really like this guy levi who lives one town over. he broke up with his close boyfriend of 6 months not too long ago, and is just getting over him. I like him ALOT and we are kinda friends, as in we talk on MSN messenger and on the phone. We plan to get together and hang out, you know, do stuff like go to the movies and parties and stuff like that. But we havent met face to face.

Can you guys take a look at my profile and his and see if you think we would work from just looking at us from the outside? Thanks.

btw. add me, my messenger addy is scott_brooker@msn.com
My Profile: www.myspace.com/bionicslim
Levi's profile: www.myspace.com/levi_m

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Rather impossible to look at two profiles of people you never met and decide if a romantic match would exist. About the only thing one could do in this situation is objectively decide whether they'd want to watch a porn starring those two people. That's about it.

Let's see, how can we resolve this... hmm, let's see... you already know him, you're both gay, you're one town apart, you've made vague plans to get together... wait a second, I got it. Make a specific plan to get together and make sure it is just the two of you, not a party or group setting, and if there is a spark, you'll know. Mutual sparks are even better.

Nah, that would be too easy... :-)

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I Agree!

I agree with jeff! Go on a date! See if there's sparks!!! Yay for sparks!!

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You can not judge a person from their myspace. Go on a date, try it out, since you don't know how he is like in real life. So have fun and date.