in this silence i am listening...

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kay new poem, (as if i write anything else). this one stems from some inspiration i had on the bus this morning when i was wishing for everyone to just shut the hell up. ahem, it is.


we sit here in
you glance to me
and i glance to you
we share a little smile.
can be a wonderful thing.
but it can also be terrible.
deafening and suffocating
complete with cruel looks
and odd noises.
silence can kill as well
didn't you know?
it enters you
and never lets go
gripping you in its
icy hands.
silence can heal
as well.
true friends know
the meaning of silence.
to sit in silence with friends
is true paradise.
to share the sacred quiet
with the one you love
when words are unneeded
and silly.
it is only a few
who know the true importance
of silence.
The people who hate
fear it.
They are afraid of
their own thoughts
and words unsaid.
but as i said
silence can heal
when executed properly.


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Hey, I just thought I'd let y

Hey, I just thought I'd let you know that I've read several of your poems and I really like them!

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I have known this since I was very young (people always used to wonder why I talked so rarely and read so much) It is nice to see someone put it to words.

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