is it true their periods attract bears?

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i hope that title attracted your attention lol

not much is happpening in my neck of the woods, i've been watching will & grace all day on arena. i swear to god, today is the most lazy and lathargic (sp?) i've ever been! and i'm pretty lazy. but i could hardly move from lack of enthusiasm and energy. is this a first sign of depression? i've been down lately, my dad's been suffering from it, but i couldn't give a shit today. i haven't talked to my friends in 2 days - apart from some texts to "mike".

anyhoo i'm off to bed. good nite everybody.

kisses and inappropriate hugs.


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Nice Title

Haha, nice title...very sneaky. It's one of those things that makes you go 0_0 and then you just HAVE to click far as laziness, it could just be that your having one of those "Oh, god why do I have to move again" days, but then again how would I know? Hope your better soon!


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Yep. Periods do attract bears

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