Like No Other

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i know it's long, but it's worth it.


you frighten me like no other
no can enter my mind
quite like you
with your emerald eyes
and piercing stare
you see through me
and my facade
and in those moments
i tremble in fear
for you have seen me.

you confuse me like no other
occasionally, i am your best friend
your confidant, your shelter
and then
i am a stranger again
you gaze through me
like i'm not there
happy, sad, funny, mad
this is the gauntlet
you have forced me through.

you goad me like no other
i'm a dancer with no partner
a musician with no beat
a throw me off note
so many times
i feel us connecting
and then we're gone

you burn me like no other
you've stolen my heart
but so many others want you
i know
i've heard their whispers
their sighs over you
and if you choose another
i'll still love you.

i wish i knew you like no other
but i don't
someone else has that honor
i want to honor you
and your wishes
but how?
i wish i knew.

you kill me like no other
with gentle hands
and flowing words
an artist's touch
and a poet's lyric
a bittersweet end
To Us.