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Hi everyone!!well today is my first time on oasis, I have been searching for answeres about my self on the interne(which led me here) I'm really not sure about who I am. I have been questioning myself for a pretty long time(no answere yet) I havent really told this 2 any1 cuz im not sure what they will think. at school i joke around about being bi, or lez but everyone thinks its a joke (except me at times) well I hope u can help me or give me advice. Sorry for the ppl.



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I hope that we can help you. Good luck!

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

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hey there,

Welcome, hope you enjoy yourself on Oasis :D
You'll know what you are when the time comes, And it could come in any form, just search inside,

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Welcome! I hope you like it h

Welcome! I hope you like it here

(I joke around like that too)