my "candy girl" (lol :-)

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i have no doubts anymore, im love!!!! during ninth period in school today, i saw the girl i have a crush on throw something to another girl i know who then popped whatever was just thrown at her in her mouth. she looked at me and i mouthed the word "ew". then, the girl i have a crush on looked at me and mouthed, "do u want one?" i mouthed, "what is it?" it was some kind of sour icebreaker thing that ive had before and theyre really good. i nodded and she threw one at me. it didnt land anywhere near me so we both cracked up....WE SHARED A MOMENT (sort of)!!!!! then, i got up to get something from my locker and on my way out i tossed her a piece of gum....WE SHARED GUM (although not in a liplock like i would have preferred :-)!!!! i dont know what to do about his. we agreed we could be friends but i can hardly talk to her in school (i usually cant think of what to say) except for some banter-type stuff that doesnt mean anything (and we IM sometimes). GRR!!!!! i would like to be better friends (if not more) w/ her but its really hard (see previous journal entries for specific reasons). not to mention i dont know if im still in the "questioning rut" or not...UURRRRGGGGG!!!!


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...women *rolls eyes*

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u know, ^ur one to talk about "bitchy boys" :P. message me, though :-).
Luv ya,

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