My escape draws near!

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I am so excited about college that it can't possibly be healthy.
I rarely let myself get super excited about things--that way when things are really awesome they seem even more so, and it also limits severe disappointment. It sounds kind of weird, but it works and keeps me pretty happy.

So I'm in a super good mood because apparently my college has recieved all of the paperwork that I sent on friday and has updated my little log in place where I check things that are needed and all of that, and I have managed to even fill out my financial verification paperwork without any issues.

My sister also sent me a bunch of Easter candy, because I was at a party all day on Easter and my mom wasn't home and we didn't do anything, and I have managed to eat pretty much all of it...which probably explains my happiness in part.

Today was the first day back to school after spring break and I got up this morning on time without setting my alarm and was all awake and ready to go...then I got to school and went into the library to hang with some of my friends like we do every monday morning (I don't have a zero monday so i do homework i didn't do over the weekend and see people i never see during the week.

I walk over to the computer area because my friend Chelsea is over there and suddenly I'm all "Where the hell am I and wtf am I doing here?!" It felt like the first day of school after summer and I had been so excited about college being near that it was totally crushing when i came back and realized that I still had until mid June before I could go get a job to earn money for school and work full time and start getting things for my dorm.

Chelsea had just gotten back from a week in New York and apparently felt the same way...along with the majority of my classmates.

Spring Break was so nice and relaxing and yet...I almost wish it hadn't happened because I have managed to lose pretty much all enjoyment that I previously got from high school and my classes and teachers and all of that. I also seem to have forgotten how to censor myself in class and had very little patience for my fellow seniors that were acting like idiots.

But as the day progressed I managed to fall back into my old patterns of enjoying my classes, even though the next four weeks are going to involve a weird block schedule to accomodate STAR testing which typically only lasts one week and which seniors don't have to have involvement with.... So that will be really lame.

Am getting over the horror and shock of returning to high school because I have something to look forward to and will soon be immersed in AP exams and planning the international potluck. My birthday is Saturday and I'll be 18, but I'm not all that excited about it.

College, yay! Gah, I'm so freakishly thrilled about pursuing my education and going to live amongst the trees of mills and in the isolation that is the campus! Apparently two other people from my area are coming out to the area after graduation too, not necessarily to my school from what I understand, but that's still kind of nice to know.

Ah, graduation, must graduate!


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i can't wait until college ..

i can't wait until college ... except you only have like 4 weeks and i have like 4 years. well three because i'm a freshman now. and turning 18 must be pretty cool too, my birthdays in 10 days but i'll only be 15. atleast i can drive? anyway thats cool how happy you are!

don't drink and park; accidents cause people

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Ahhh...just the thought of un

Ahhh...just the thought of university makes me happy. I cant wait until i can go (jst over a year) because il finally have more independence and freedom. also, i feel that ive been with the same people at school for almost 6 years and they give u a label and its so hard to break out of that mould. im hopin il be able to be myself at uni and recreate my image. also very excited about turning 18 - less than a year!! then il be able to drink, and go to clubs without having to worry about ID, and vote. Its going to be amazing!