I'm patriotic, yes, but nationalism no
35% (7 votes)
Of course! I'm proud as hell to be a(n) [insert country here]!
5% (1 vote)
Never. It drives us apart. Evil under all circumstances.
15% (3 votes)
The nationalism of the oppressed is the most effective means to ending oppression, although internationalism is also important
15% (3 votes)
I care why?
30% (6 votes)
Total votes: 20


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Patriotism is basically a per

Patriotism is basically a personal version of nationalism, is it not?

With that question out there, I must say I am both proud and ashamed to be American; the USA has, as a country, accomplished much for the benefit of the world, and, at the same time, done quite a bit to fuck it up. I like being American because I think that I have a much better chance (relative to other countries) of getting what I want out of life, and I like that (until recently) America tends to emphasize personal freedom over group security. I lived in Singapore, which is a capitalist democracy on the opposite end of the scale: it is very authoritarian, and it works very well, but despite that, I would never want to be Singaporean. I like the focus on both community and individuality that America provides. I am certain there are many other countries that do the same or have very similar overall cultural values; America is not like the one-and-only. But I see no reason why I should not want to be American. I dislike many of America's policies right now, and I feel that, as an American, it is my moral responsibility to try and change those policies.

It's in that very convoluted way that I am patriotic. But it's not flag-waving ethnocentric patriotism. I just happened to be born in America as an American citizen, and I am content to remain that way until further notice.