One step closer.

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Okay I had a plan that would get me to be able to strike up a convo with the boy I like easier. Well, I asked the teacher about me moving, and she told me that she was gonna move me anyway b/c the girl that sat behind me and my answers were both the same on the last test. So know I sit right in front of the boy I like. :D Can't say how much LUCK that was. =)) Anyway now all I gotta strike up a convo and make friends. Any topic-starters?


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oldest one in the book, i know, but...

ask him if he has an extra pen or pencil :-)

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"You're really dreamy..." O

"You're really dreamy..."
Okay just kidding. I suggest talking about something you're interested in and are comfortable talking about it makes the conversation easier. Movies, books, sports, music, politics, or school since you have a class with him. Simple things are usually best and then you can expand from there.
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if he doodles, maybe ask what he is drawing, be nosy about what he got on test/quizzes (idk, that may be impolite in some schools, in mine it is considered okay), ask him what you guys had for homewor, mumble about random things, and then say that u were talking to yourself, but actually give him the low-down on weird/interesting/totaly pointless stuff that is going on in you life, "accidentaly" poke him lightly and then use the opportunity to smile as your saying sorry
those are more flirting techniques, but they seem to fit the circumstances
good luck!

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