Prussian Blue

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Just curious, but has anyone ever heard of or listened to Prussian Blue? That's some scary shit, talk about indoctrinating the youth.

The white pride movement is pretty damn freaky, if you don't believe me introduce yourself with some American History X--really good movie.

I can see some white supremacist parents having their little kids listen to this music because it's "morally wholesome" for them and educates about their beliefs.... Seeing as I'm native american I guess that means I can't have the white pride...damn, I'll have to stick with the gay pride.

If I don't like it I shouldn't listen to it, I know, but it's interesting to research and why not get the whole effect by listening to the music while researching? I just don't see how two thirteen year olds can really understand what they're talking about without having been taught it. It scares me that there are so many people out there that don't get the opportunity to think for themselves. Creepy creepy badness.

One of my aquaintances, I wouldn't call us friends, recently joined a skinhead group as a lark. I know him fairly well and he knows I'm gay and is totally cool with it and I remember when the skinheads first began making an appearance in the area and how horrified he was...and yet now he seems to think that joining them is a cool idea. Skinheads don't like gays, skinheads don't like a lot of things, skinheads are fucking scary.

I might save some of their songs that I downloaded on my usb flash drive so that I can take them into share with my ap government class because Julio was talking about how scary they are the other day (prompting my fascination) and we listen to music in class a lot. I'd have to ask first because I don't know if Parker would be able to play it in class. Or I might just delete them all because they creep me out. Ah, there we go, some nice Ani DiFranco.