Salmon and Crash Bandicoot

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Last night I had a band practice at my place since we're stressing about a gig we have, but anyway, we of course
achieved nothing and ended up getting really really drunk. For some reason I can not fathom we decided that
we needed to tell our music teacher to SALMON OFF (guitar tuner - tuna- salmon..?) and that we weren't gunna
do the gig lol. We then played Crash Bandicoot for 4 hours or so. Oh my God I forgot how much that game
fucking rules!! So addictive though.

Anyway.. we were really drunk, and one of the guys was sorta semi coming on to me. Well not really. I mean,
we were having a good laugh together etc and then we ended up dancing. He's a good guy, really nice. He's my
other guitarist.

The point is, would I have gone there?

I consider myself a lesbian these days.. but ya know, when I am drunk, and only when I am drunk, I can imagine
being with a guy. When I hang out with guys, drunk or sober, it's becoming more and more like I'm
just one of the guys. I mean we were downloading funny porn together lol (It's a wonder they think I'm straight).

When I sober up again I'm just like "No. Way." when it comes to guys now. But when I'm drunk I wonder if
I'm just imagining lesbianism or if I'm kidding myself.

Maybe I'm just sort of getting used to the fact I don't have to try and make them like me?
It's highly frustrating and it's making it very hard to concentrate on Crash Bandicoot. I'm halfway through the
second island :D

I suppose I could just drink less, but then I'd have to drink less.