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Lately I've been thinking seriously about coming out to people in my school. My town is really prejudiced, and small-town minded. I've talked to kids in my old school about gay people and they were accepting of it (sort of). When I went to my new school (Catholic), I didn't really know anyone, so I haven't really had a chance to talk to anyone about gay people and get their opinons on it. Yesterday I saw something kind of scary. We were standing there waiting for our parents to pick us up. These guys were harassing this guy I know (from my old school) and he has a mohawk. They were calling him 'queer, faggot, cocksucker' and all that homophobic bullshit. One guy was even grabbing his crotch and saying 'I bet you want to suck this, don't you faggot?" It scared me. I went and stood beside this guy. They kept yelling things at him, especially the guy who was grabbing his crotch. I turned around and told him to fuck off. It felt good, but I wanted to say more, really tell him off. The harassing subsided, but I know they'll still do it when I'm not around. And it's not like his friends were doing anything about it. And he was trying his best to ignore them.
Not only does this scare me about the harassment this guy endures, but what will people think about me? Not that I really care about what people think, but I don;t need that in my life. Would they treat a lesbian differently? I'm also afraid because I don't really know anyone in this school. And the only friends I have, I don't know their opinions on the subject.


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That's aweful :(

Unfortunately, dear, we live in a society where homophobia thrives. Kids are mislead into thinking that the GLBT community is disgusting. It really is very sad, as well as enraging. I punched a good friend of mine in the face once because he was making fun of lesbians. (I don't suggest you do this, of course...)
Where it's important to be yourself, you may want to wait until you feel more secure about coming out, and can trust the people you come out to. You don't need to rush it, just take your time, and the right time will come. Get to know the situation before you make any decisions you'll regret. Best of luck, darling, I hope everything turns out great for you :)

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i fuckin know it

Queer, Fag, and dyke are part of my schools daily vocab. If i stand up for my stone- butch friend I get called a fag. I cant do anything about it. But one of my other frinds is an advocate for gay youth. she's the person to go toabout this bullshit. She has a name on this site too, but i dont remember the name. i'll have to ask.