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So I'm trying to sell some delicious pumpkin muffins to my econ class and my friend Robert is talking about selling his "genetic material" and Skoglund, my econ teacher is talking to a couple of girls in front of the class. So they're about three feet away and I'm kind of tuning Robert out because he isn't making a lot of sense and is starting to get a little creepy and i give him a muffin to shut him up so I can listen to Skoglund....

"Homosexuals aren't equal to us." When a teacher makes a statement like that it's going to catch my attention and I'm going to try and listen. One of the girls must not have been terribly happy with that statement because he backpedalled with "Well they are equal as in they're humans, but I don't see why they think they need to get married."

Most of the conversation up to that point had been about procreation and whatnot so I'm not sure how they got off onto homosexuality, but he said more than just that about it, but that's what really stood out, phrases like "homosexuals aren't equal to us" coming from someone who is supposed to make their classroom comfortable and a safe place for all of their students just isn't right. He can have his views, I really don't care, but I don't think that's the right statement to make to your students, it's not really the place.

He's the only teacher i've encountered at my current school who is openly unsupportive and it annoys me that he is the only econ teacher and that it's a requirement for all seniors, especially because I know several underclassmen who are gay and will have him next year and I don't like that they're going to have to sit through his poorly concealed homophobia and encouragement of it (i'm not basing that on just what happened today, but on other incidents).


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Holy macaroni, that is the ru

Holy macaroni, that is the rudest thing ive ever heard. Depending on your situation, I would take him to task, call him on it. But only if you feel safe doing it, ie: your already out. Because with an attitude like that i can see him outing you.

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&^$&^#@# OFFENSIVE!

WOW THAT IS &^$%&## OFFENSIVE!!!! HORRIBLE!! ARRRRGHGH PEOPLE LIKE THAT PISS ME OFF SOOO MUCH! Well you could have a chat with him now, but i would certainly reccomend doing so if this kinda attitude continues to be prevalent in his classes! And if that doesn't work go over his head. He is a teacher and he NEEDS to create an environment to foster both intellectual and social growth. It certainly doesn't further the social aspect if he's still being a bigot. Well good luck with this and keep us updated!

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