should i

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should i tell my parents i'm gay now? my sister is leaving tommorow, which is great coz she's a little bitch. my dad is in vietnam, which is good coz i don't want to tell him till after my mum, or maybe i should let my mum tell him, yeah i'm a coward! so only my mum, me and my little sister are here, and i have five friends who know i'm gay now, one of them is gay himself. i know i'm gay, i've had four years of pondering and several large cushes, but thing is, as of yet no boyfriend, i live in a hole in north east australia where they make rum! actaully, i'm completely inexperienced, havne't kissed a guy, still a virgin. damn i'm pathetic! lol! so should i tell or do i need some ammunition? not that it's a war but i don't want them to say "you don't know what you want" or "it's a phase" it's not a phase and i know exactly what i want. appreciate advice


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ok, well i'm more clueless th

ok, well i'm more clueless than you are, but if you feel comfortable with the idea of telling your mum, i guess there's no time like the present, right? good luck either way!

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Go for it!

If you feel that your ready, go for it! If they DO insist that it's a phase then just tell them what you've told us, but you'll find that the people you thought you had figured out almost always have a different reaction then what you expected.


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Go for it!

Go for it if you're ready!!!! As for the whole evil retorts like "it's a phase" there's not much you can do to stop them from saying those phrases. All you can do is calmly tell them that it isn't, and that this is part of who you are. Just remember to give them time to process this! You can't expect them to accept it point blank (though it sometimes happens).

P.S. Don't feel bad about not having a boyfriend, you'll find someone in time. I live in a urban area and i still haven't kissed a guy or had sex yet. Then again i've only recently come onto the market as it were, so maybe that has soemthign to do with it.

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