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Shyness lurks, waiting in the shadows
For its chance to appear
Like a plague, out of nowhere
Creeping up behind its unsuspecting victim

Shyness seeps, unseen, into you
With out warning, your mind blanks
Your stomach clenches
You struggle against this mysterious force

Shyness takes over
You try in vain to speak
But your mouth won't move
As if you were a mere visitor to your body

You've lost control

Shyness leaves, but its too late
You feel the eyes of the crowd turn towards you
Quietly scrutinizing your every move
Watching you embarrass yourself

Shyness moves like a huge, spiky rock
Weighing down its victims
Slicing into they’re hearts
Leaving scars that never fade

Shyness knows about other’s emotions
Perceptive, it understands
Feeling deeper into their hearts
Than even they have dared to feel

Shyness is aware of itself
Recognizing how it thrives, how it grows
Sensing the pain it causes but not brave enough to break away
And free the innocent souls it has enslaved

Shyness lives a life of caution
Safe, but not sorry
Before realizing that there is no point to life
If you do not live it to its full extent

Shyness feels trapped by the internal struggle against itself
How can it reach out if it cannot reach within
Feeding security instead of self-assurance
Suffocating in the resonating silence of timidity

Shyness wears a mask
To protect itself from being understood
Shutting out the world
In the effort of avoiding pain

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very nice poem! i can completely understand what you're saying here.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.