Sunday is the first meeting for me in a GLBT group!!!!

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I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends like me!!!! I think this will help me a lot!!!!


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I always hated the beginning of those meetings, when you have to say "I'm Jeff... and I'm a homosexual." and then everyone says "Hi Jeff."

That was always so gay.

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Thank you for that insight, you have convinced me to never attempt to attend such a meeting. I would refuse to say it. We're gay, not recovering alcoholics.

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You do realize he's being sarcastic, don't you?

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im looking... :-/

im in counseling and i recently told my therapist that i am questioning (although i hardly am anymore :) and she gave me a paper w/ a whole bunch of GLBTQ groups. im probably going to go to this one called "Where The Girls At!" for lesbian, bisexual, transgeder, and questioning "women" ages 13-23 and i cant wait to ask my therapist more about it. have fun at ur first meeting and good luck. (P.S. i can totally relate, jeff ;-) (P.P.S. i love the icon AND SN. im totally into Pokemon ;-)

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wow, i really want to go to o

wow, i really want to go to one- let me know how it goes/if it helps. and have fun!

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that's cool...

That's cool that ur going...have fun.
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