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(Before you judge me on this entry read it please)

God I Love that movie it's probably the only time when I was a child I felt like one. I know the words to all the songs in the movie I know which scene is coming up next. I can enjoy it with the same joy that I did then. It's the only thing that when I watch I can't help but feel happy. God I love that movie I just do and i'm not ashamed of being 15 and loving it. It has a special memory attached to it. My Aunt when me and my twin where little used to take us to this children's school.

My mom my aunt's husband cleaned the school well she would take us to a room with a couch and a tv and we would watch Mary Poppins every time. Why because we never actually got to the end of the movie. We always had to leave before we got to it. She would come in a couple minutes early and rewind it so that if the kids that went there watched it it would be at the beginning. So every night we watched from the beginning never thinking to fast forward it always stopped at the same part.

Well we finally asked one of our other aunt's to get it for our birthday. She did so we finally saw the end. But the first aunt I was talking of is now gone but she was our favorite and I Love every minute I got with her. So this movie will always be with me whereever I go. My sister doesn't understand my love why I watch it all the time sing the songs even when I am not watching it. It's one time in my life I actually knew real happiness. So sorry if you read this and felt that you wasted your time. I just thought of this tonight I am going to go watch this movie now.

Anyone else love this movie like I do or just like it at all? I also like Pete's Dragon not as much but it's still one from childhood memory that brings a smile to my face. Have a great weekend and after tomorrow I have 2 weeks off spring break. Please don't think i'm childish by this entry I really don't like to be idiotic but this is one part of me.


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Great Movie

"Chim chiminey
Chim chiminey
Chim chim cher-ee!
When you're with a sweep
You're in glad company"

I love that song! The movie's a classic, everyone's got to love it!


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yeah...i used to love that movie too...

My dad used to make me and my sis watch it @ his house while he would be out of the house doing something's a good movie...Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman