thank you mindi

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i recently met a girl called mindi and decided since i'm comming out it'll be easier to tell people i'm gay when i begin a friendship with them rather than when i've had a friendship with them for ages, they feel betraeyed and shit. so today i told mindi that this "person" i've liked for the last...week, is actually a man,then i basically just waited for a response. to my shock, they girl actaully seemed to be happier at the fact that i'm gay then before when she assumed i was straight, freakout huh? so that was great, the best person to come out to in the world is mindi, we should all come out to her!

oh and my best female friend that i told the other day, she wants me to go boy hungting with her, creepy but funny.


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A lot of people like to have a gay friend. Enjoy being delegated in this role for ever more

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"