that boy needs therapy!

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arbitrary title, i apologise!
i have a question! i came on this site for two reasons, i wanted to find people who are supportive and are in the same situation as me, and i wanted to share what i know and maybe even give advice to people who are younger and are going through things i already have gone through right. but, the line is kind of blurred to me, is that what this site is for? or there an element of dating agency here? i'm not really looking for a boyfriend here, not at all in fact, especially since a lot of you guys are from the USA, i'm in Australia, would be hard. i guess my question is, does anybody use this site as a dating site?

don't take this the wrong way, i'm not hitting on anybody here, i have no other agenda here than what i said.


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You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!

ha... Frontier Psychiatrist, yeh good song.

i guess this is more of a break from things for me. Just seeeing others from around the world going through similar things. its inspirational.
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woho i love that song!!!!!!!

lol, good song!
yeah i agree with you, i'm here for similar reasons, and yet some knobhead hit on me. ah!

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Yeah, I'll agree with you that a lot of people hook up on here, but it is used mainly as a site to show people that they're not alone. I mean I've made LOTS of friends on here(Loren, Lydia, Chelsea, Jay, ect..)and for those days that were just crap I wrote about them in journal entries and recieved lots of supportive comments. So, yeah people are going to hook up on here, but that's probably mainly because it's so hard to find others who are gay around them.


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a good way for if you want to

a good way for if you want to meet/chat to other glbt people in ur area is get a face party account on then u can do searches for different sexualities and locations, then send messages to people this way for free. i have met a girl through it have been texting her to the past few weeks and looking towards dating. good luck

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I personally think this site is simply a place for GLBT youth to interact, seek/offer advice, and share our thoughts. Lol i don't think that the whole dating agency thing is going on her, but i cannot deny that some people probably do get involved in relationships indirectly because of this site. For example me. I personally use this site to express my thoughts, ask questions, and to give advice to others.

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not really

Yes, people do hook up on here (usually with online relationships, as we're kind of scattered across bothe the globe and the US), but it isn't a dating site. If it was, we'd have more forums and stuff on it, and I think the general nature of a friendly, advice-giving, online supportive community would fall apart. Usually any relationships that begin here take place mostly on other parts of the Web or in real life.

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thank you

thank you all so much for the helpful comments. this really is a good place isn't it? i mean there are a few bitches here but most people, like u'rselves, are genuinely here for the right reasons.
take care