that smile of hers is going to kill me...

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i swear, that smile is going to be my downfall. to bring up to speed those of u who r new or havent followed my journal, this is the girl who told me she might be bi, we started "going out", then she turned around and spread a rumor around the whole school that i was a lesbian (which i am, i just wasnt entirely positive about it at that time :). it was kind of awkward b/w us for a while after that, especially once i got up the nerve to talk to her again (just simple witty banter every now and then type thing). so i was IMing her last night and i said "would u think of us more as friends or accquaintences (sp?)?" she said "idk." but we ended up agreeing that it wouldn't be TOO awkward for us to be friends (-:!!!:-). so after school today, i was gathering stuff from my locker to go home, and she and one or two of her friends (i dont know for sure, they werent what i was looking at ;-) and i waved goodbye to her and she waved back and SMILED this absolutley wonderful, adorable, heart-melting smile . only problems are: 1. our past experiences, 2.her friends hate me, 3.she probably is bi (not the problem) and she knows im in love w/ someone, she just doesnt know that its HER!!!!! UUUURRRRGGGG!!!!! too confusing :P.


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well, that's definitly confusing...

Maybe i haven't kept up on your journal...sounds like a confusing situation...but hey, look on the bright side...she's still friends w/ you and she smiled @ you....good luck figuring that out...
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Were the rumors malicious? Or was she just like, "Yeah, we were dating." Cause if you wanted to stay closeted or if she was being otherwise disrespectful, then--despite her smile--you might want to consider whether she would be a good friend.

I do know exactly what you mean, however. How many smiles have melted my heart...

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awwh. Thats totally sucks. So

awwh. Thats totally sucks. So what is this about her spreading rumors? have you confronted her about it. sounds like a nasty thing to do to your friend.

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