things could be more simple

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Long time no see oasis and its crew members.
No offense for the long bit off, guess I just found
my help elsewhere.
Anyway that's not the point.
I just wondered if there were any gays out there who
have gone through something like me.
first you find out your gay, then you question
and go through like all these sexual phases
before finally settling back on the original gay.
All the while keeping an open mind on things.
Then prom comes along and your going with a girl
that may potentially do it in for you.
as in you wanna like and have the potential
to like her alot but you don't know her.
So now I'm all worried that if I do get to know her
I'll basically tell her I'm gay because
I don't want her to think that I'm sexually
attracted to her, I just don't feel that
way about her. But I could like her for so
many other things, potentially.
Just wondered if anyone had ever been in a boat
like that.
Its hard for people in my town to understand.
So just imagine what it would be like if
everyone found out.
Wondering if I could hear some
outcomes if possible.


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I can't really offer much advice since I'm a female, but I do have something that might help just a bit. Many people want to go to prom (especially their senior year) and they get dates kinda as part of the checklist along with the tux and shoes. It's kinda like a date is part of the whole prom thing to make it all the more fun. So dates to prom aren't always about sexual/romantic relationships between the two people. Many people just go as friends. So just specify it to the girl. Just say you thought she was cool and nice and all and thought she'd be a great friend to take along. Dunno if that helped in any way. Sorry. Hope you can get better advice from someone else because I suck at it >.< Once again, sorry.

~Saying sorry we're falling apart
wish we knew this from the start
Saying goodbye's the hardest part
Wish we knew this from the start~