thought about it, did it, didnt help at all

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well, im going home tomorrow after spending spring break at my dads house. on the way home from the last weekend i was here, i was talking to my (gay) dad and saying, "i've been thinking, what if i spent my next weekend w/ u acting like ive already figured it out that im gay?" he said, "well, what would u be doing differently?" i said, "well, i would act differently and, like, when we go shopping and ur ogling at guys i would just roll my eyes and say 'ugh', and make gay and limp wrist jokes and stuff like that." my dad says, "but u already do all that." i laughed and said, "o yeah." so i spent these past seven days doing just that, but, unlike i thought it would, it didnt help me any, it just made it more confusing. ugh. i wish i could find something to do to figure this out, or at least get me closer to figuring it out. suggestions?

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P.S. this is no April Fool


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Not sure what doing any of that would sort out, really.

Technically, you don't really need to act any different once you are gay than you do now. Removing dishonesty from your life doesn't affect much about you, although I guess that depends on how much you go out of your way to make sure people don't think you're gay, though.

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what exactly are limp wrist j

what exactly are limp wrist jokes? i hear about it and its been mentioned in a book i've read, but i have no idea what it is/means

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