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Hold it.
Hold it.
Slowly release.
And Scream.

Yup, that explains it with no questions to ask except for one:
Why the scream?

Why the scream? That is a good question, with a few so-so, la-la
answers. Mostly it's out of frustration. It's slightly out of
anger. Annoyance? The inability to feel as if I'm in control? A
lot of interesting answers, but the truth is I can't explain why
I feel this way. I wish I could.

My biggest reason behind all of this is because of our breakup.
The only issue is, I still haven't let myself take and think about
the details that surrounded it all. I'm blocking out the pain,
anger, and hurt. I refuse to let myself think about it all yet.
It's only been five days, but it feels like a life time. I wish
I could just hear her voice once more.

I kept telling her that I need time. I think she's finally given
it to me, but I can't handle it. The perfect quote to how I'm
feeling right now comes from Taking Back Sunday's new song,
"MakeDamnSure" -- You are everything I want, Cause you are every
thing I'm not.


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snu snu

u should write books