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I saw the school counsellor today. I did not really like seeing a counsellor because I hate people finding out. To be honest he is a nice person but I didn't really think his feedback was very helpful. He almost just repeated everything I thought of or already knew. I didn't really even know why I went and saw him.

(I get amused by the most boring things but..)Well, guess what else happened else happened today. First of all, at interval Daniel was trying to finish a bottle of H2GO as fast as he could and I was timing him if he could finish it under 30 seconds but he drank too fast and suddenly he puked out the water that was in his mouth lol. Heck that was funni I wish I caught that on video xD. It was like super embarrassing for him lol.

It's nothing major, but at the end of lunchtime Teagan and Stephanie were saying goodbye to Daniel and me as they were going to their classes and Daniel and them hugged each other. That's when I kind of zone out. When they were going to hug me too I didn't want to afraid to draw attention to myself (Which was kind of rude). Then Daniel was jokingly saying like "Nah, he only hugs guys. See?" then after he said that he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me lol. Wow, it was unexpected and nice at the same time. It sounds pretty pathetic that the most sexual i ever got with a guy was a hug... but that really made my day.


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My friend was standing and dr

My friend was standing and drinking water out of one of those nalgene bottles at lunch a while back and I told her that her fly was down and she choked and poured the entire bottle all over herself....

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Okay so a hug is not the most sexually advanced of things, but it is nice nonetheless

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