Touch Me Tonight

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Touch Me Tonight

Touch me tonight
Show me how to feel
Breathe on my skin
Put your mark on my soul
Let time play in slow motion

I want to feel
Every brush, touch
And burning pang of desire
Throughout my body

Led me out into the rain
And bring all my sense to life
So that I may feel
Every single raindrop
Upon my naked flesh

And when it's over
Hold me close
Wrap me up in your arms
Put me in your heart
And let me stay there forever


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It's nice. I like it. Passion

It's nice. I like it. Passionate.Fabulous!

"You have to take risks...We will only understand the miracle of life fully if we allow the unexpected to happen."
-Paulo Coelho

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See the post below. I like it much.

And all I know for sure
All I know for real
Is knowing doesn't mean so much
When placed against the feeling
The heat inside
When bodies meet
When fingers touch
-The Sisters Of Mercy, Some Kind Of Stranger

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Wow...that was so beautiful!!!!

"If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise." ~Johann von Goethe

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Thats incredible, its really

Thats incredible, its really sensual and passionate, i love it :)

"If being sane means thinking there's something wrong with being different i'd rather be completely f***ing mental"