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I wish i was sleeping right now. I am so so tired. Lately I feel kinda like crap especially the last 2 days. I cried myself to sleep last night. It sucked. I am so stressed. I have so much to do on my math project adn I can't find anything anymore, and my teacher is away so i can't even get the sheets i need. he is not back till the 26th, it;s due the 28th. I am screwed. I have a portfolio to do with little time left to do it aswell. I guess it won't tak em to long but i still need to do it. Summer jobs has me very stressed. I just hate camps right now at the mention of teh word CAMP I almost gurst into tears. I hate that people can't be bothered to call back when they say the will. I was intervewed for a camp in Wisconsin they said that in 2 weeks they would call back, weather they needed me or not, 3 weeks later no call so i am pissed and called thbis morning..she says
" I am sorry I can't hire you, we had to many returning staff"
So whatever I am okay with that, I knew i was not going to get the job and that is okay. I jsut wish that they had the curtousy to call. Also had interview at Caddy I don't want to go to caddy butg i fear i maty have little choice, they also should have called a weeek ago. I called on Monday, the lady told me that there was no hiring comitte staff in the building, so whatever she said they were calling in 2's 2w days later no one called. I think they should learn how to show better respect for returning staff and future staff, it's freaking ridiculous I jate the way that things are going there. I don't want to go back. fucking sick of this shit. All of my summer plans have fallen through. wisconsin, falcon, winnipeg and really caddy to.I don't know what I am going to do.IO emailed so places in falcon to try andd see if i can still find a job out there. I am dropping resumes off at both daycares in our town and also phoning one back as there was no one there when i called today. i am hoping that soon enough i will find a's getting late in teh year and summer is close i need a job. I don't wan to say where i am already either. A&W is the last place i want to be too, but i will stay there if i have to. I am tired and so fucking sick of all this shit that is going on. it's fucking stupid!


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waooo girl

girl u got to clam down think u got to find a way to do what u have to so just relax some ok take care and plan can be fix or new one's made but if the can't make the best of that u can

Chow Bella

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I am looking fofr other thing

I am looking fofr other things i am just hetting discouraged adn it's hard

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Yeah you just need to calm do

Yeah you just need to calm down! Everything will turn out ok in the end.

"If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise." ~Johann von Goethe