Tu (Spanish and English translation)

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Llene mi vida
Con tristeza y alegria
Llene mi alma
Con sosiego

Llene mis pensamientos
Con dudas y preocupaciones
Pero vale la pena
Para mirar la cara de mi amor

Los rumores no pueden dolerme
La verdad no puede salvarme
Tus vistazos pueden distraerme
Bastante para derretir mi corazon

Tu eres peligro en la forma de un humano
Pero magnetico, en un aspecto
Tu presecia es un comodidad
Y inspiracion lo mismo
English Translation

You fill my life
With sadness and joy
You fill my soul
With peace

You fill my thoughts
With doubts and wonders
But it's worth it
To see the face of my love

The rumors can't hurt me
The truth can't save me
Your glances can distract me
Enough to melt my heart

You are danger in human form
But magnetic, in a way
Your presence is a comfort
And inspiration all the same

(i missed a couple of accents in the Spanish version, i dont know how to do them on the comp. anyone who speaks fluent spanish, please tell me if i made any spelling or grammer errors ;-)


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i like u'r poem bratalamay, i like u'r opinions and comments on journals and forums too. i think i just all round like you, shame u'r a girl :P
take care

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thanks....i think. :-/. :-). message me, k?
Luv ya,

"Don't let sad people make you sad, let happy people make you happy."