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Since fall break started I have had little to do... my flight is 2moro and I really should start packing. It shouldn't take too long tho. =]

Well on Wednesday I was supposed to see V for Vendetta at the New Market cinema with Min, Jane and Betty. I got to the bus stop, texted Min saying I was waiting for my bus. She texted back. Then I was half way thru texting Betty when suddenly she called and was all like "I couldn't go cause mum can't take me (now)". We thought about going to see the one after that but that was at 9:30pm so we decided not to. While I was deciding whether I should still go and still on the phone with her, the bus went past without stopping... so urgh yes... I decided not to go. I texted Min saying Betty and I won't be going but she didn't reply. Only when I walked back into my house she called me and was like "Argh Max come! You guy are all ditching me." It really stinks for her coz she didn't check her phone until she got to the cinema lol. She told me Jane cancelled out too coz she preferred to go to her tutoring. So urgh yes, Min is going to have a great time at the cinema by herself.

On that same day which was the last day of school... I overslept lol. I woke up at 6:45 and went back to sleep. Think I got up at 8:15 agen but looked at my analog watch and still thought it was 7:15 so I layed there for another 15 minutes. Then I looked at my watch agen and realised it was 8:30 and missed BOTH my school buses lol. I quickly took a bus to new market so I can transfer to a bus that goes to my school. (Actually I wasn't exactly that concerned with the last day of school... I wandered at new market for a while and had breakfast there lol. It looks like I'm wagging x_x). So yeah then I took another bus and got to school at 10. Nixon was telling everyone how I was in Taiwan so I didn't turn up at school. Then when I walked into Science class Blake was like "Hey Max is back from Taiwan" xD.

So um today my sister was going to see a movie with Tina and Lucy. She wanted me to go too but I really didn't like Tina (She's actually Okay today). Well in the end I still went, but because Lucy was late we missed our movie. While my sister and I were waiting for Tina and Lucy to turn up I was looking at my phone. Then my sister wanted to see my phone too (which apparently had secsi hot Dennis as my wallpaper lol). I was like "Hey this guy's hot aye". Her response was very very good lol. She went "Nah, not really. He looks stoned". Then I went "I think he's really really cute like that tho =]". So yeah, that's a little sign my sister is becoming more fine with my sexual preference. *happy dance*.

So um, we didn't watch the movie but Joanna said she was at NM (New Market) too. We all went to find her and her friend Robin at this Jap restuarant. But coz we were all sitting there and talking but not ordering anything we decided to go lol before they shoo us away xD. Lucy went to Supree, Tina who can't stand Lucy's constant hugging and 'stickiness' got annoyed lol. Lucy was like "Don't worry I'm not a lesbian!" then I was like laughing and Tina got a bit angri O_o. Tina doesn't like the hugging between girls and stuff... she gets really creeped out. My sister told me when she was at her Japan trip last year all the girls were sleeping together and you know how girls get a little "close" sometimes so Tina creeped out, started crying and ran off lol. Tina is also kind of boyish too... as in personality wise (and a bit of her dress sense). We were going to see "She's the Man" and Tina said "I want to see if she can dress like a man then I can too". Bah, but in the end we still didn't watch it.

So when our group broke apart, my sister decided to get a chemistry exercise book at Dymocks before we took our busback home. I saw Amy there but I couldn't remember her name at first. She stared at me for aaagggeeesss as in looking me in the eye and I stopped and glanced back for like 10 seconds. It was very awkward. Then Amy continued browsing for her books but I went and asked "Hey do I know you?" (I suck with names.) Then she just went "Max". My sister thought she was really rude somehow...

Then I got home, slept till 6:30 coz I'm really tired. Then my caregiver took us out for dinner and got back just then.

So um, still uno if I should dye my hair. Maybe I'll wait till the end of year break because that's 6 weeks long and I can keep my dyed/highlited hair longer and not having to cut it out or dye it back to a natural colour. Well... that's bout it. Cyah peeplez xoxo.


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Dye it

Dye it. Something really bright. And that glows-in-the-dark

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"