what it's like to be someone else

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have anyone else wanted to run from their life and experience something totally different as a new person? i sit outside my house in the late afternoon when the sky becomes gold, or i look out over the mountains and the dusk and i want to run away and escape my life. what i really want is to go to an american high school where i can be me to a certain extent. when i was younger, probably 8 to 10 years old i used to read the goosebumps books, and they were always set in some american town that always appealed to me. i know fiction in different to reality, but i need a seachange. even to the country, like out where we have relatives that live on giant acres of land. i'd love to have the experiences my country cousins have, where they go to the town dance every friday night in the town hall. we don't have that here. i just want something different.


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You can't escape your life, because if you run away, it is the one thing you take with you. You control every direction your life takes, so impossible to blame some external force for it.

Not sure where you live, but if you want to go to an American high school, look into becoming an exchange student if there is still time.

Stop thinking your life is on auto-pilot, grab the wheel, and drive.

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well, i'm in australia. i kno

well, i'm in australia. i know i can't escape, that was a poor choice of words. i want a bit of change. maybe i'm just living in an mtv fantasy - watching too many american highschool movies.

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I know what's it's like to wa

I know what's it's like to want to escape and try a new identity, the strange thing is I'm just crazy enough to deny my life and try to live someone else's. Yeah..it didn't work and I don't suggest it. Things are better now and I just suggest you face your tasks head on, it is a lot easier that way, trust me.

~Thank you for the memories, a keepsake in my heart.