why me? why you?

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there's this pic of her; it makes soul sing and my stomach drop to my knees. i don't know what makes it so appealing, she looks like she always does, possessing the beauty beyond that of an angel; golden hair semi-wavy and pushed behind her ears. she's got these blue/green fairy wings and a black boa on. an adorable smile graces those perfect lips. i just scrolled down and there it was. my chest contracted, my heartrate sped up, my stomach dropped out for cover. i've seen plenty of pictures of her, hell, i see her 5 days out of the week, but nothing has made my heart do backflips quite like that one. there are times though....i'll be speaking to her and she'll give me a certain look that stops all synapses in their tracks. once at play practice, i was asking her something and she turns to look at me and i start laughing because (a) she looked so adorably cute doing it and (b) it was the only way to keep myself from kissing her at that precise moment. but she's found someone. someone who i hope is good for her and will make her happy. i just wish i was that person. but if she's happy with him, i'm happy.

Damn these straight crushes.