Wicked by Gregory Maguire

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Ok, guys, here we go. Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. Who, might I add, is gay.

1)Have you read it?
2)What gay/lesbian couples do you think Mr. Maguire had in mind when he wrote the book?

AND! I'm talking about the BOOK, the NOVEL, not the PLAY. I love the play, don't get me wrong, but we're in the BOOK club. ^.^

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Isn't there a second book by

Isn't there a second book by him about the son? I love Wicked, but i can only find my copy of Confessions, which is equally awesome.

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I actually JUST bought this b

I actually JUST bought this book not even 4 hours ago. Weird.

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yeah, it's called son of a wi

yeah, it's called son of a witch. love the title.

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Wicked by Gregory Maguire

Are you for real! I had no idea Gregory Maguire was gay! Wicked is such a great book. I don't know who he might have had in mind, but I thought for a while that Elphaba and Galinda/ Glinda's relationship would go a little farther...

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I read this book, loved it, a

I read this book, loved it, and completely agree with you. I thought Elphaba and Galinda were going to end up together. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I saw subtext there.

I didn't know he was gay either. There's a sequel out, right?

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This book is love, I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy. laughter and adult humour..Oh and the wizard of Oz..
I dunno..I figured Elphie would find someone..She just screamed Lesbo to me..Til that one part..with Fiyero? It was okay though..I liked him.

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Hm, I should've added myself,

Hm, I should've added myself, who I saw:

Turtle Heart/Frex
Pfanee/Shen Shen

and, I definately did NOT see this, but Fiyero/Boq would make me SO amused.

As for the sequel, "Son of a Witch," Liir and Trism have sex together. They're like, my OTP.

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I always thought of Elphaba a

I always thought of Elphaba and Fiyero's wife/widow being the main lesbian couple. Elphaba was devoted to her and I think that devotion went beyond the whole feeling guilty about Fiyero's death

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