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Spring Break of my senior year, aren't I supposed to do something really exciting? Bah, who cares.

Went to a party on saturday and performed my first marriage ceremony (gotta love the universal life church and how they hand out minister certificates like candy).

I'm sure that Mark and Fred will be very happy together...most ridiculous thing I've ever done, and I have it on tape.

So four of my classmates got into a car accident saturday afternoon and were all killed on impact, they were going to portland for spring break, and my friend Brittany is pretty broken up about it because she was friends with two of them.

One of them was in my AP Gov class and sat next to me, I didn't know her very well but I had talked to her some and she was nice. Class is going to suck on Monday and I feel pretty shitty about the whole thing.

So I've just been hanging out a lot and screwing with my sleep habits and writing a lot of useless crap. Oh, and listening to really crappy music.


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Yeah yeah yeah.

Spring break is better used to gather a peace of mind than attending some wild late teen to early 20's orgies on the beach in some crappy part of a crappy country where underage drinking is legal. Sorry you feel bad about those people dying.

You married someone? That's interesting to me because I mean...that's like a huge thing for those two people. You said it was ridiculous, why?

And what's some of the crappy bands that you're listening to?

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By the time I performed the m

By the time I performed the marriage ceremony there were only six of us still at the party and it was around 1.00 a.m. My friends Fred and Mark are really close, and to the casual observer it might appear that they're gay...and I don't really remember exactly what led up to the actual marriage of the two but I think it had something to do with the fact that I'm gay and my economics teacher's recent asshole behaviour....

Marriage is a huge thing, as are equal rights, and it's really starting to hit me as I'm almost eighteen and becoming more self aware that there are some things that I can't do and don't know if I'll ever be able to do. So, it was kind of a mockery of the fact that they can get married, not necessarily to each other, but as heterosexuals.... We got most of the ceremony on my friends digital camera and it mainly consists of my hysterical laughter and officiating while reading from a biology text and explaining how they met well serving in a war in Mongolia (a flashback from an earlier game of risk and the fact that Vietnam is Mongolia and our econ teacher served in Vietnam--all very convoluted).

Monday is going to suck in AP Gov without Sierra there, for a lot of us it's going to make the whole accident a lot more real.

I haven't necessarily been listening to bad music, I guess that's all pretty subjective, but it's stuff that I've scorned in the past like Damien Rice and Dinosaur Jr.

Yeah, I'm not really big on the travelling to crappy countries and consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Travelling I'd like to do at some point, but not for the drinking and orgies.

California--the land of coffee and bagels.