you silly child

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sums up my feelings about this person i just told my feelings to. but, i understand where they're coming from.

i want to smack you smart, you silly child.
you're killing me like this.
why can't you see me?
why is it so hard for you to open up to me?
i want so desperately to steal away your pain.
i want so much to scrape away the scar tissue
and see the blinding wonder underneath.
i want to hold onto you
feel the beating of your damaged heart.
i wish you would WAKE UP!!!!!
and see what's right in front of you.
i would never hurt you.
i want to always be with you.
i want wipe away your tears
and save you from your nightmares.
won't you let me in just this once?
i love you
and your scarred soul.
but i understand your hesitancy.
i know you've been hurt before
and i never want you to experience that again.
so i will not push
i will not nag.
i will let you be.